Vertex has a powerful trading experience for both spot and derivatives.
For the following walkthrough, screenshots from the spot trading page trading console are displayed.

Placing a Trade

To place a trade, you will need to go through a familiar trade entry flow. Below the screenshot, you will find the details of each decision.


  • Buy / Long for perps
  • Sell / Short for perps


  • Market - immediate or cancel (IOC)
  • Limit - set a limit price
🔔 note on market orders - since they are IOC, market orders may partially fill and whatever isn't filled will be canceled. Market orders may fail to execute/fill due to low testnet liquidity.


  • Enter the size of trade you want to take by entering the amount of asset or quote, in this case, wBTC or USDC.
ℹ️ A message will appear if the trade requires you to borrow the quote (when buying) or asset (when selling). For seasoned trades - you can choose to not see this message again. If you find borrowing while trading spot confusing, please refer to FAQs in the later section.

Account Changes

  • While entering the trade size, your account details will change. It's a good idea to check this before placing the trade. If the margin usage exceeds or is close to exceeding what's possible, the trade will fail (as in the example below).

Place Trade

  • Final step - press on the Green or Red button. If your trade can't be executed you will be notified.

Canceling a Limit Order

On both the trading pages and the open orders sup-page, you will find your open limit orders.
  • You will see the % of that order filled.
You can cancel these by pressing (x) Cancel to the right.

Closing a Perp Position

In the positions table on the perps trading page and perpetuals sub-page, you will find your open perp positions.
Closing the entire position
  • Press close to the far right.
🔔 Please note - closing a position = a market order for the size of the position but the opposite side. Due to liquidity and tight slippage parameters (flexibility coming soon), a close position request may fail similarly to that of a market order mentioned above.
Closing a portion of the position
You can also manage/close a portion of the position by trading. Example:
  • If you are 10 ETH LONG
  • You want to close 50% of the position
  • You can SHORT 5 ETH to do so
Shortcuts will soon be added to the close position flow so you can quickly select a % of the position to close. But if you would like to test out closing a portion then this is the current way to do it.