Depositing & Withdrawing


Depositing and Withdrawing are key aspects of account management:
  • Deposit assets to trade, use as collateral or earn interest.
  • Withdraw your funds, profits or borrowed assets.
Vertex is non-custodial. You and ONLY you have complete and total control of your funds.
🔔 Please note - successful deposits and withdrawals can take up to a few minutes to be reflected on the front-end of the app. Usually, these actions are reflected immediately, but Vertex uses the Graph to pull on-chain information onto the front-end so the speed may vary.

How can I deposit and withdraw?

There are multiple ways, all of which lead to the same flow.
  • Quick deposit and withdraw on account overview right-side panel.
  • Deposit button in the balances tables.
  • On the same balances table, press the 3 dots to withdraw.
  • Deposit and withdraw buttons in the top left of the trading pages.
  • Deposit and 3 dots (withdraw) in the Balances table on spot trading page.


Hopefully, you are familiar with depositing after the Getting Funds on Vertex step.
That said, you'll probably want to deposit more assets into Vertex. Below is a walkthrough.
Step 1 - Select the asset you wish to deposit.
  • If you press "deposit" on an asset balance it will auto-populate.
  • The number to the right of the row is what's available to be deposited in your wallet.
Step 2 - Enter an amount.
  • You can enter it manually by typing or by using a shortcut.
  • You can expand the account summary to see how the deposit impacts your account balances and margin usage (in this example just the USDC balance is shown)
Step 3 - Press Deposit
  • If the deposit is valid - meaning you have that amount in your wallet - then the Deposit button will be clickable. If it's not valid, you will receive a message and won't be able to proceed.


The steps for withdrawing are similar - select asset, enter an amount, and withdraw.
However, since Vertex has an integrated money market for borrowing and lending, you can choose to toggle on "Borrow assets" which enables you to borrow and withdraw assets that you don't have.
  • For example: say you deposit $200 wBTC. You need some USDC to use elsewhere but don't want to sell wBTC. You can choose to borrow USDC against the wBTC and withdraw it off Vertex.
Take note of the Account summary changes at the bottom of the withdraw interface. Withdrawing funds has the opposite effect on your margin usage, leverage, and funds till liquidation.
  • When you enter an amount, you will see potential account changes reflected here.
Important - If you have outstanding liabilities, such as borrows or negative PNL, withdrawing (especially borrowed assets) will impact your margin usage and increase your account's risk of liquidation.