App Navigation


When you first enter the Vertex app, you will start on the Account Overview page. It will look like this:
  • You will need to connect your wallet to start using the app.
  • Make sure you're on the Arbitrum Goerli network.
  • If you're on the wrong network you will be prompted to switch. Click on:
After a successful connection, the account overview will look like this:
Use the top navigation bar to navigate between Account, Spot, and Perpetuals trading.


The account page and sub-pages let you manage your Vertex account. Since Vertex is cross-margin, it's important to understand how balances and positions impact your account.
The side navigation bar lets you navigate between:
  • Overview - a complete picture of your account, balances, and positions.
  • Perpetuals - view and close perp positions.
  • Balances - view and manage assets (deposits) and liabilities (borrows).
  • Open orders - view and cancel your open orders, spot and perpetuals.
  • History - deposit, withdraw, and trade history.
  • Faucet - mint USDC and wBTC to deposit into Vertex for trading.
The right-side panel gives you the ability to quickly deposit and withdraw assets. You will also find a link to the testnet tutorials there.


The Spot and Perpetuals trading pages are very similar. You can use the Spot page as an example. The next section Trading goes over how to place and manage trades.
On the left side of the page you have:
  • Account - deposit, withdraw and view account details. The details can be closed using the down arrow.
  • Trading console - starting with the choice to buy or sell, the rest of the left side of the page has to do with placing trades (which we cover in the trading section).
  • Market - here you will find what market you're trading and the page is displaying details for. This will also be where you can select different markets. However, there will only be 1 spot and 1 perp market during the testnet.
  • Orderbook - the depth of different bids and asks for the selected market.
In the middle & right side of the app:
  • Market info & chart - here you will find a price chart and the current market stats such as price, change, and volume. Perps will also have an oracle price, interest, and expected funding rate. Please note: the current price chart will have limited functionality and no indicators. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to update the app with charting features.
  • Spot or Perpetuals tables - easily manage your account without leaving the trading pages. Find your balances (or positions for perps), open orders, and trade history as it relates to either spot or perpetuals.
  • Market trades - the history of all executed trades within the current market.