Automated Traders

Market Makers, Institutions & Advanced Automated Traders
For institutional traders, most transactions are automated, driving high volumes and active participation in liquidity provision.
CEXs have provided these professional users with a few key elements to help them operate effectively:
  • Ease of connection - typically supplied by API/SDK integrations
  • Capital efficiency - risk models that allow them to make the best use of their trading capital to generate returns, and thus trade away market inefficiency
  • Low-cost trading and MEV protection - a combination of low fees (trading and gas) plus knowledge that they have protection from front-running and are trading on a “level playing field”
Vertex will replicate and improve upon this experience by optimizing developer tooling, smart contract design, and choice of blockchain ecosystem.
The Vertex SDK will allow anyone to easily build software which communicates with the exchange. This tooling supports the development of advanced trading algorithms which will help ensure deep liquidity.
The Vertex risk engine integrates spot and perpetual markets with a money market to create capital efficiency. It is calibrated to allow traders to take advantage of cross-margining and to maximize their capital usage whilst protecting the ecosystem from excessive or irresponsible risk-taking.
Vertex will be built on Arbitrum, the Ethereum optimistic rollup with the highest TVL and increasing potential for higher throughput and lower fees. The sequencer cannot extract value from network participants because it does not arrange transactions to take advantage of MEV.