Product Roadmap

The Vertex core development team has a focus on agile development practices and user-driven planning. As such, the above proposal constitutes a minimal viable product (MVP) that the team believes will form the centre of further development plans and that should reach completion soon after launch.

Product Features:

The core of Vertex’s offering will be integrated:
Money market for borrowing and lending
Traders can take advantage of leverage across both spot and perp markets. Interest will be automatically and continuously earned on all deposits.
The efficiency in arbitrage and yield offered by this central efficiency (explained later in this paper) will be facilitated by some key features:


The best way to ensure efficient price discovery and liquidity provision. Transactions are ultimately executed on the orderbook. Our implementation will enable highly performant low-cost matching essential for automated trading. This will enable Vertex to enable a high volume/low-cost pricing model that will become a flywheel for deep liquidity and trading that will benefit all market players.


Enabling a range of collaterals for leveraged trading of all sorts offers enhanced yields and opportunities for all market participants. For long-term holders, token holdings can be used as collateral for long-term risk-taking as a way of enhancing returns. For market makers and arbitrageurs increased flexibility allows for enhanced liquidity provision and tighter linkage between prices. All of this generates greater fees and volumes for the platform.

Weighted Margin AKA 'Health'

Vertex uses a concept of weighted margin which we refer to as health to determine if an account can be liquidated or open new positions. Health summarizes how risky a user's positions are.
The use of a weighted margin system allows for the normalization of risk across a broad range of assets and to calculate risk in an efficient way at a smart contract level for the management of liquidations. For a further explanation please see the appendix.
Such a protocol should be extremely competitive with CEXs and boost DeFi adoption across all identified user groups. However, to truly evolve and drive mainstream adoption, the team will focus on further building to enable growth in product suite, UI/UX, and utility.
Robust tooling will also allow open-source developers to help scale the ecosystem. Builders can take advantage of Vertex’s infrastructure to integrate with a myriad of dApps which will source liquidity and funds via Vertex, a decentralized liquidity architecture that is impossible under current protocols.