Vertex represents a solution to a number of DeFi’s incumbent issues and a potential flywheel for DeFi adoption.
Providing the best possible decentralized trading platform means optimizing for the many small aspects that make up a user’s experience: sign-up, deposits and withdrawals, breadth of products, leverage and borrowing, varied interface options, and governance tools, all in one place.
Vertex will enable composability with other protocols and feature well-designed tooling to entice institutional traders and builders to the ecosystem. This will serve as a foundation for launching a wide range of products, leading the Protocol to far exceed the product suites offered by CEXs.
Finally, Vertex will decentralize governance and create incentive structures which reward participation and longer term perspectives, furthering growth in the ecosystem as those with the most to gain from the platform help to power its trajectory into the future. Our mission is to make decentralized trading useful and accessible for all.