Vertex Protocol: The Everything DEX
DeFi’s contribution of self-custody and transparency has been marred by its inability to match the utility-ladened features, vertical integration, and familiarity of CeFi. Users opt for centralized exchanges’ wider range of products and capital efficiency, preferring them over decentralized exchanges' fragmented liquidity, lack of features, and an intimidating or inconvenient user experience.
Vertex Protocol will solve this problem by creating a VERTically integrated EXchange (VERT-EX) with an orderbook and advanced risk engine to facilitate cross-margined trading of spot and derivatives, and with a money market to facilitate leverage and yield products. User experience will be streamlined by offering integrated solutions such as: on and off-ramps; efficient bridging; Web2-style sign-up integrations with self-custody; and multiple user interfaces to accommodate different traders with different needs.