Ambassador Ranks

Grow Alongside Vertex

Ambassadors will ascend Everest by earning points and traversing the ranks until they reach the Summit — at which point they become graduates of the program.
We believe that passionate and hardworking individuals should have the opportunity to continue growing. Ambassadors can expect to earn a variety of personalized roles and benefits within Vertex after graduating, if they so desire.
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3

Basecamp (rank 1):

Start of a new cohort. Ambassadors are introduced to one another and Vertex team members. They prepare to embark on their journey through the program. We encourage all new ambassadors to interact and work together. Trekkers. Together. Strong. Initial responsibilities will consist mainly of content creation, educating the community, and spreading awareness to other existing communities.

Trail (rank 2):

After a few weeks of preparation and experience, Ambassadors will obtain a Trail badge for their contribution. They will find themselves gaining access to new responsibilities, such as the ability to moderate channels on Discord and Telegram as they advance on their journey.

Peak (rank 3):

Nearing the peak of their ascent, Ambassadors will obtain a Peak badge for their contributions. Nearing the summit, Ambassadors who have reached the Peak will gain access to more responsibilities as they build trust and reputation within the community. These new responsibilities may include organizing IRL and online events for the Vertex community.

Summit (graduate):

Once an ambassador reaches the summit, they will obtain a Summit badge (NFT) and are now able to graduate! Those who reach the Summit will have access to specialized, and often paid, roles within Vertex, such as sponsored projects or leadership responsibilities..

Points & PoC

To advance in rank, Ambassadors will be required to submit proof of contribution (PoC), which in return will be reviewed and awarded points based on:
  • Quality
  • Creativeness
  • Education
Initially, contribution reviews will be undertaken by the Vertex Team, but as Ambassadors graduate to "Summit", they too will support and review Ambassador contributions to scale the program.
Proof of contribution should be submitted on a weekly basis (at the end of each week), we have forms and templates to make the process as smooth as possible.
Content will then be reviewed and points allocated during the following week. A table of points and rankings will be updated and released by the end of that week. This will encourage friendly and positive competition between Ambassadors.

“Summit” Graduates

As Ambassadors climb the ranks, new opportunities will arise for more responsibility, enabling positive growth and reputational trust for Ambassadors to become ingrained deeper in the community.
Once an Ambassador reaches “Summit” rank and graduates from the program, they’ll be offered the opportunity to work on larger scale projects (Summit Projects). A few examples are outlined in the image above.
For example, a graduate may have demonstrated their niche for running and creating podcasts, Vertex would then sponsor said graduate to run a Vertex branded podcast. There may even be the opportunities to champion Vertex at a conference or even future employment at Vertex (dependent on requirements and positions available).