Ambassador Benefits

During the program, as you help advance our vision for a DeFi future, you’ll also benefit from a few great perks and benefits.


Ambassadors producing high quality content on Twitter, Blogs, Twitter Spaces, Videos, etc. will benefit from Vertex socials co-promotion – to help Ambassadors grow their own social presence on Crypto Twitter.


Gain access to a private Ambassador channel, as well as direct access to the Vertex team and leadership for guidance and support, priority access & first-call to events, bounties, and more.


As ambassadors progress through the ranks they will gain more responsibility within the community, empowering you to take lead, run office hours and host Twitter Spaces to advance your Web3 career.


Top ranking ambassadors will be granted a discretionary bonus for their achievements.

Further Roles

After graduating from the program, Ambassadors will be given the opportunity to undertake a larger role or project within Vertex (often paid).

And More...

Earn exclusive merchandise airdrops as you climb the ranks of Everest Get invites to IRL events or conferences.