Content bounties
To encourage and support community education, Vertex will roll out various content bounties.

Every week we'll pick up to 3 (submitted) community threads and reward the writers.
β€‹πŸ€‘ Prize: $100 USDC
To enter:
✍ Writing prompts:
  • What problems are Vertex setting out to solve and how?
  • What products will Vertex offer and what future roadmap is possible?
  • Unique strategies one could you deploy on Vertex?
  • How is Vertex addressing the needs of users?
  • What is $VRTX?
More Info:
  • Winning threads will be chosen on Friday's
  • Winning threads will be retweeted by @vertex_protocol
  • The first week of bounties will be rewarded on Friday, October 7th
  • The bounty will be active until at least October 28th
  • Vertex reserves the right to reward threads or not based on level of quality
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