Getting Started
New to Terra? First time on Testnet?
You'll need to:
  • Create a Terra wallet and install Terra station extension or mobile
  • Switch to Terra testnet
  • Give yourself testnet funds (UST)
  • Connect your wallet to Vertex
Not a first-timer? Skip these steps and move on to Collateral & Dashboard​

1️⃣ Create wallet, install Terra station

You'll need to create a Terra wallet address and install the Terra station chrome extension, for desktop trading, or the mobile app for mobile trading.
Vertex plans to support additional wallets/integrations in the future.

️ 2️⃣ Get on Testnet

  • Open the Terra station extension or mobile app
  • Click on the βš™οΈ icon in the top right
  • Under 'Network' choose testnet

3️⃣ Give yourself funds

  • Enter your Terra address to receive funds
  • Select to receive UST
  • Press 'Send me tokens'
If the faucet is dry, reach out to an admin in Telegram or Discord for testnet funds.

4️⃣ Connect wallet

Now that you have your wallet set up, it's time to connect to Vertex.
Once connected, the last few digits of your wallet will be displayed. To disconnect, press the icon to the right.