Stop-Market Order

Learn how to place stop market orders on Vertex.
A stop-market order is a type of trigger order that allows you to set a specific trigger price for the trade to execute a market order. Stop orders will only be triggered if the specified orderbook price is hit and the order can be fully filled. Stop orders can be used to close existing positions (stop-loss) or to open new positions (stop-entry).

Steps to Place a Stop-Market Order

How to place a stop market order (tutorial)
Step 1 -- Select Stop Order Type
  • Select the "Stop" order type to the right of "Limit" orders on the corresponding markets page.
Step 2 -- Enter Trade Details
  • The trigger price defines the price level where a market order is executed.
  • To enter the trade size, users can either:
    • Type in the amount of a specific asset.
    • Type in the equivalent $USDC value.
  • Use the leverage slider (intervals of 10%) to decide the percentage of the max position you would like for the stop order.
Step 3 -- Place Order
  • Press on the Place Long/Short or Buy/Sell Order button depending on the type of stop order you'd like to place.
  • There's no requirement to confirm the transaction in your wallet if you have 1CT enabled.
  • If you don't have 1CT turned on, you will be prompted to confirm the trade placement in your wallet.
Step 4 -- Manage your order
  • Navigate to any of the tables that display open orders on Vertex -- either on trading pages or in the "Open Orders" subpage in the portfolio.
  • View existing orders and cancel.
***REMEMBER to cancel any unwanted stop orders when closing and opening positions.