Portfolio & Terms

Navigate a sweeping view of your entire portfolio with ease on Vertex.
This tutorial will cover the Portfolio pages and the common terms you'll encounter.
-> Go to Portfolio via the app navigation menu.
-> You will land on Portfolio Overview.
-> Select the portfolio page you want to visit using the Portfolio navigation on the left side while using a Desktop. Or simply choose from the tabs at the top for mobile.
On Desktop you can close and open the Portfolio page navigation to expand the size of your Portfolio display.

Portfolio Overview

The Portfolio Overview is the first page within the Portfolio and the default one that you will land on when you navigate to the Vertex app domain (app.vertexprotocol.com).
The Portfolio Overview page gives you a summary of your account, ranging from high-level insights to specific metrics.

Account Value, PnL & Performance Charts

The largest statistic displayed on the Portfolio Overview page is your Account Value.
Account Value = Balances + Perp PnL + Pools.
Your Account's PnL across perps, spot, and pools will populate right underneath the Account Value.
The chart beside the displayed statistics lets you visualize your Account Value or PnL over time.

Set the Timeframe & Use Chart

Click on your desired timeframe in the top-right of the chart. For example, the options include:
  • 24H
  • 7D
  • 30D
  • ALL
-> The Account Value and PnL will reflect the selected timeframe.
-> Hover over any part of the chart to view the change in Account Value or PnL for that period.

Account Terms

You'll find the following terms in the account card, located below the account value:
  • Margin Usage: The percentage of your initial margin being used by positions/liabilities.
  • Funds Available: The amount of margin you can use to initiate new positions.
  • Funds Until Liq: The amount of margin you have until your account can start getting liquidated.
  • Liquidation Risk: How close your account is to liquidation. When at 100%, liquidation begins.

Account Totals

Underneath the account card and chart are the totals displayed for different activities on Vertex, primarily related to open positions and their impact. These include:
  • Net Balance: The value of your deposits minus borrows.
  • Perps PnL: The sum of your open perp position's estimated PnL.
  • Pools: The value of your pool positions.
  • Rewards: The amount of VRTX rewards you have earned (not including estimated new rewards).


The tables at the bottom of the page comprise your account totals (defined above), and provide you with access to quick actions, which are identified by their figures displayed within brackets:
  • Balances: The deposits or borrows you have (deposit, withdraw, borrow and repay).
  • Positions: Any open perp positions and the PnL (close position or click on it to trade).
  • Pools: Any LP positions you have (provide and withdraw).

Other Portfolio Pages

In addition to the overview, you'll find the following portfolio pages:
What can you do
Displays your current assets and borrow balances, along with historical totals and interest.
  • View totals and manage balance.
  • See interest payment history.
  • Chart historical asset, borrow, and interest details for your account.
Displays your current perp positions and totals, along with historical trading performance.
  • View trading performance and open perp totals.
  • See funding payment history.
  • Chart perp trading performance and funding.
Displays your current LP positions and total in pools, along with PnL history.
  • View total liquidity provided, open LP positions and PnL.
  • Chart historical pool history.
Displays your open orders.
  • View and manage open orders.
Margin Manager (NEW)
Displays a sweeping view of every aspect of your account and their corresponding impact on margin.
  • View the initial and maintenance margin impact of all balances, positions, pools and spreads.
  • Quick access to manage everything.
Displays your account's history.
  • View your past trades and Realized PnL, deposits and withdrawals, pool activity, liquidations, and settlements.
Help (NEW)
Support page.
  • See commonly asked questions.
  • Search for answers.
  • Links to Discord and tutorials.