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Learn how to provide liquidity to spot pools on Vertex.
This tutorial will walk you through providing liquidity to Vertex’s Spot Pools, including:
  • An introduction to Spot Pools on Vertex.
  • Providing liquidity.
  • LPs as collateral.
  • LP position health.
  • Withdrawing liquidity.

Spot Pools Overview

Spot Pools enable liquidity provision to the AMM. On Vertex, the inclusive nature of the AMM allows anyone to participate in market-making, providing takers and makers with improved execution due to distributed liquidity.
If you are unfamiliar with Vertex's architecture, please head to the hybrid orderbook AMM design page to learn more about this product.
Tip: If there are any unfamiliar terms on the trading page (entry or market info), try hovering to see the tool-tip message

Providing Liquidity

To provide liquidity on Vertex, navigate to the Pools page using the top navigation bar on the app or the hamburger menu on mobile (top left).

Step 1 -- Select the pool

  • Navigate the pools page
  • Click Provide on the pool you wish to provide liquidity too.

Step 2 -- Provide liquidity

  • A provide liquidity modal will appear.
  • Enter the amount you wish to provide of either asset and the other will populate automatically.
  • OR; use the shortcut buttons to provide a % of your max LP Position.
  • Confirm & Provide Liquidity to mint LP Token
Tip: Providing liquidity will require depositing both of the pool’s assets (i.e. wETH & USDC). There is no single-sided liquidity providing.

Managing LP Positions

View Positions in Portfolio Overview or Pools Page
  • Positions can be viewed from either Portfolio Overview or Pools Page:
    • Balance of underlying assets (i.e. amount of both ETH and USDC).
    • PnL since opening the position.
Withdrawing Liquidity
  • Withdraw Liquidity from either Portfolio Overview or Pools Page
    • Press the withdraw button in the LP position row.
    • A modal will open.
    • Enter the amount of LP tokens or % of your position you would like to withdraw.
    • Confirm & Withdraw Liquidity to burn LP Token.