Health Battery

Learn how to view your portoflio's risk with visual tools on the Vertex app.
In this tutorial, we will go over the Health Battery found on the Portfolio Overview page and throughout the app.


Vertex uses a concept of weighted margin, which we refer to as Health, to enable efficient cross-margining across products. Health is denominated in USD and used to determine if an account can open new positions or can be liquidated.
To learn more about Health and how it's calculated, click HERE.

Health Battery

On your portfolio overview, you will find a health section. The top part of the section contains the bar that is known as the Health Battery. The bottom contains important metrics like funds until liquidation, margin usage, available margin, and leverage. You can learn about these terms in the Glossary.
You can think of the Health Battery as the amount of funds you have available to trade or until you get liquidated. In the same way, you charge a battery to 100% when the Health Battery is at 100/100, you aren't using any available funds. When it is at zero, you can get liquidated.
The Health Battery has 4 states:


Low-Risk Health Battery State
Initial margin usage: 0% -> 66.66%
Health Battery is fully charged to 40% remaining
To learn your Health Battery __/100 just hover over the bar with your mouse.


Medium-Risk Health Battery State
Initial margin usage: 66.66% -> 88.88%
Health Battery has 40 -> 20% remaining


High-Risk Health Battery State
Initial margin usage: 88.88% -> 99.99%
Health Battery has 20 -> 10% remaining
You can attribute High Risk to the Available Margin metric. For example, when your account is in the High-Risk state, it means you have almost used up all your available funds. When it goes into the Extreme-Risk state, it means you have no available funds left.


Extreme-Risk Health Battery State
Initial margin usage is over 100%
Health battery has less than 10% remaining
If your account reaches the Extreme-Risk status, it means you have used up all of your initial margin and are relying on your maintenance margin. You won't be able to open any new positions.

You can also learn about the different risk states and what they mean by hovering over the tooltip.

Tooltip displaying the different risk states on the Vertex app.
In the nav bar, you will find a health circle.
This is a representation of the health battery found on the portfolio overview:
Nav Bar Health Circle
Instead of needing to visit the portfolio overview, you can view your Health Battery and risk wherever you are on Vertex.
You can also hover over it to get a tooltip:
Tooltip of your current account state.