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Getting Started

Getting started on Vertex is simple.
This tutorial will cover the steps to start trading on Vertex.
You can follow these steps manually, or make use of the new Getting Started tutorial in the bottom left of the Vertex app after you first connect (only offered on desktop).

Step 1. Connect Your Wallet

Vertex is a dApp, so you'll need to connect your crypto wallet to start using the DEX.
Connect Your Wallet:
-> Click on Connect in the top right of the screen (or bottom for mobile).
-> A 'Welcome to Vertex' screen will appear.
-> Press Connect Wallet
-> Select your crypto wallet from the selections.
-> Approve the connection.
-> Complete the onboarding pop-up.

Step 2. Make Your First Deposit

The next step towards using Vertex is making your first deposit.
Deposits are collateral that can be used to trade and borrow. Deposits also automatically earn interest.
Make a Deposit
-> Click on Deposit anywhere in the app (portfolio, wallet control centre, balance tables).
-> Select the asset you want to deposit.
-> Enter the amount to deposit.
-> Click the Approve button to first approve the use of the asset.
-> Sign the approval transaction.
-> Now click on the Deposit button where the approval was.
-> Sign the transaction in your wallet.

About Deposits

  • By depositing assets, you are depositing them into the Vertex Protocol open-source smart contracts on Arbitrum.
  • Vertex is non-custodial, meaning you maintain control over your assets. Vertex Protocol cannot take custody of user assets.
  • Assets begin earning interest automatically via Vertex's integrated money market.

3. Choose your trading mode - 1CT

Now that you have connected to and deposited on Vertex, you'll need to choose a trading mode.
There are 2 trading modes on Vertex:
  • One-Click-Trading (1CT): Sign one approval transaction at the start of your trading session. You don't need to sign any further actions until you end the session
  • Sign Every Transaction: Every action while using Vertex will require a signature.

Select Your Trading Mode

-> Click on your wallet in the top right to open the control centre.
-> Once the control centre is opened, click on the One Click Trading button.
-> Select your trading mode.
-> Approve the selection in your wallet.

1CT: Remember Me

When turning ON 1CT, you have the option to enable the “Remember Me” feature. If enabled, the "Remember Me” feature means that you won't need to re-approve the session after refreshing the page or leaving the app. You will only trigger a re-approval if you disconnect from Vertex.
1CT: Turned ON
If 1CT is turned ON, then the
icon in your wallet (desktop) and in the control centre will be purple.

4. Set Your Notification Preferences

Vertex has partnered with Notifi to bring users push notifications. Get alerts when your orders fill, margin usage hits a certain threshold, and more.
How to Set Push Notifications
-> Click on the
icon beside your wallet (or inside the wallet control centre for mobile).
-> Select where you want to receive notifications to (email, Telegram, and Discord).
-> Select the alerts you wan to receive.
You can always adjust your notifications in the future.

5. Customize Your Account Pins (Desktop Only)

Vertex makes it easy to monitor and manage your accounts. One such feature is Account Pins, which let you pin up to 4 account stats at the top of the app.
How to Customize Your Account Pins
-> There will be default account stats pinned.
-> Click on the pinned stats.
-> A drop-down list will appear.
-> Pin and unpin stats by clicking on the

6. Set Your Trading Preferences

Make the most of trading on Vertex
How to Select Your Trading Side (Desktop)
-> Navigate to any spot or perp market by hovering on Trade in the navigation menu.
-> In the order form, press the
icon to the right of order types.
-> Select the side you want to trade on.
How to Set Market Slippage Tolerance
-> Navigate to any market and press the
icon to the right of order types.
-> Unselect the Auto-Slippage default setting by clicking on it.
-> Enter your preferred market slippage tolerance.

Tutorial Complete

You are now ready to start trading on Vertex!