Getting Started

How to begin trading on Vertex.
In this tutorial, we will cover everything you need to get started using Vertex, including:
  1. 1.
    Connecting your wallet.
  2. 2.
    Making your first deposit.
  3. 3.
    Navigating the Vertex app.
The video below illustrates numbers 1 & 2:
Seamlessly connect to Vertex and deposit funds to start trading.

1. Connect your wallet for the first time.

When you first enter Vertex, you’ll be in the disconnected state of the app.
Vertex is a non-custodial dApp, so you will need to connect your wallet to interact with it.

How to connect:

  • Click on the Connect button
    • Desktop - on the top right.
    • Mobile - bottom of your screen.
  • A "Welcome to Vertex" screen will appear – press Connect Wallet again.
  • Choose your wallet from the available wallet options OR choose to connect using a social account (see more on this below).
  • Approve the connection in your wallet.
As a first-time user, once your wallet is connected, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service screen. After this, you are ready to make your first deposit and start trading!

Don’t see your wallet provider?

You can use the WalletConnect option to connect using Ledger, Rainbow Wallet, Trust Wallet, Gnosis Safe, Argent, and many more.

Connect using socials?

Vertex has integrated Web3Auth to provide users with the opportunity to connect using their favorite social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email) while remaining in control of their keys. To learn more about Web3Auth, please refer to their docs (insert link here)

2. Making your first deposit.

The next step towards using Vertex is making your first deposit.


  • Automatically earn interest.
  • Can be used to buy and sell assets on the spot market.
  • Can be used as collateral (margin) to trade leveraged spot and perps or borrow assets to use elsewhere.

How to deposit:

  • Click on any Deposit button.
    • There will be a banner notification prompting you to deposit. You can click this or:
      • Desktop – To the right of the overview table, there will be a purple deposit button.
      • Desktop – In the Control Centre (opened by clicking on your wallet).
      • Mobile – On the bottom of your screen.
      • Mobile – Also in the Control Centre.
  • Select the Vertex Supported Asset that you wish to deposit.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit:
    • Your max deposit is the Available amount.
    • The ~$ is the value of the deposit you are about to make.
  • Press Approve Asset.
  • Approve the use of that asset in your wallet.
  • Press Deposit.
  • Confirm the deposit in your wallet.
  • You will receive a notification if the deposit is successful or unsuccessful.
  • Congrats! You’ve made your first deposit.
Deposits are confirmed on-chain and are usually reflected on the app’s front end immediately after. However, it can sometimes take a few moments for the front end to update due to on-chain indexing.
Self-Custody – It’s important to remember that Vertex is non-custodial, meaning that you always control your funds.
By depositing assets, you are depositing them into Vertex’s smart contracts. You can withdraw your assets at any point.

3. Navigating the App.

Now that you have deposited assets, it’s time to start using Vertex.
This section briefly covers App Navigation. Please see here for a full tutorial.
  • Portfolio -- View your account information like assets, borrows, perp positions, health, and history.
  • Trade Drop Down – Press or hover on this to navigate to spot or perp trading.
  • Borrow/Lend (coming soon) – View the money markets page. Deposit assets to earn yield or use them as collateral to borrow assets.
  • Pools (coming soon) - View your LP positions and provide liquidity to Vertex pools.
  • More Drop Down (coming soon).

Additional Features

Account Pins - Press the purple Account Drop Down button to the left of your wallet. The drop-down lets you select up to 4 portfolio metrics to always view wherever you are in the dApp.