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Depositing & Withdrawing

Walkthrough of the steps to deposit supported assets into Vertex.
In this tutorial, you will walk through depositing assets into Vertex:
  • Initiate a deposit.
  • Select the asset to deposit.
  • Enter the amount.
  • The information displayed on the app.
  • Interpreting the Health Check.
  • Complete the deposit.
On Vertex, there are two ways to make a deposit:
  1. 1.
    Click on a Deposit button – opening a modal.
  2. 2.
    Directly in Control Center.
Both avenues follow the same steps. We will use the Modal for the example and share a summary of how to use the Control Centre at the bottom.

Deposit (Modal)

Step 1 -- Initiate Deposit.

You will need to click on a Deposit button which can be found throughout the app:
  • Portfolio Overview (top right).
  • Asset Tables (to the right of each row).
  • Balances Subpage (in each balance row).
  • Spot Trading Balances Table (under the chart).
  • 📱
    Mobile – Deposit will always be at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2 -- Select the asset you wish to deposit.

  • Press on the asset drop-down.
  • Select the asset to deposit.
  • The “Available” tells you how much of that asset you have in your wallet.
If you press Deposit on an Asset in a table, then the Deposit will automatically start with that asset selected.

Step 3 -- Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

  • Enter manually by typing the amount in the entry box.
  • Click one of the percentage buttons to deposit that percentage of your wallet balance.
    • IF you have enough of that asset in your wallet to deposit, the button below will turn green.
    • IF you entered more than you have, you will be notified and will need to reduce the amount.

Info displayed

→ Available: What you have in your wallet. This is the max amount you can deposit. If you are depositing ETH, make sure to leave some to pay for gas.
→ ~$: The $ value of your deposit, based on the current Oracle price.
→ Vertex Balance: This is the current balance of the asset you are depositing. It would display the before and after changes in real time if you were to complete the deposit.

Step 4 -- Approve the asset

  • A purple Approve button will appear.
  • You'll be prompted to set a spending cap -- this is the max amount of the given asset you are able to deposit into Vertex without needing to approve again.
  • Sign the approval in your wallet

Step 5 – Complete the Deposit

  • After the approval is completed, it's time to deposit.
  • Press the green deposit button.
  • Confirm the deposit in your wallet.

Deposit – Control Center

The Control Center aims to provide users with easy access to account management. Depositing using the control center follows the same flow and displays the same information. The only difference is that no modal will appear.
To deposit using the Control Center:
  • Simply click on your wallet in the top right.
  • The Control Center will appear.
  • Make sure you are on Deposit, not Withdraw.
  • Follow the same steps as 1 - 5.
In this tutorial, you will cover how to withdraw assets, including:
  • Initiating a withdrawal.
  • Selecting the asset to withdraw.
  • Entering an amount.
  • The information displayed and Health Check.
  • Completing the withdrawal.
If you are looking to withdraw borrowed assets, please see this tutorial.
There are two ways to withdraw assets on Vertex:
  1. 1.
    Clicking on a Withdraw button and using the pop-up.
  2. 2.
    Directly in the Control Center.
Both avenues follow the same steps. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the pop-up example. However, we will explain how to initiate the Control Center withdrawal at the bottom.

Withdraw (Modal)

Step 1 -- Initiating a Withdraw

  • Press on any Withdraw button in the app:
    • On Portfolio Overview.
    • In the Actions drop-down (3 dots) on the Assets and Balances tables.
  • A pop-up will appear.

Step 2 -- Select the asset to withdraw

  • Click on the asset drop-down and select the asset you’d like to withdraw.
  • The Available amount is your current max withdrawal for that asset.
  • If you press withdraw on an Asset or Balance table, the pop-up will start with that asset selected.

Step 3 -- Enter the amount you want to withdraw

  • You can do so by manually typing the exact amount in the entry box.
  • OR click on a % button, which will automatically populate a % of your Available amount.
  • The Withdraw button would appear active if you entered a valid amount (blue).
  • If you enter too much – you won’t be able to continue, and a message will appear.
    • → You have the option to borrow and withdraw instead. Learn more.

Info displayed

  • Available: your current max withdrawal. This won’t always equal your balance. Instead, it is the amount of the asset you have deposited minus what’s currently in an open/current order or is needed to maintain the margin.
  • ~$: this is the value of the withdrawal calculated using the current Oracle price.
  • Vertex Balance: this is your current total balance for that Asset in Vertex. By entering an amount, you will see the change that happens in your account.

Step 4 -- Complete the Withdraw

  • Click on the Withdraw button.
  • Confirm the withdrawal in your wallet.
  • You will receive a notification once you are done.