Cross-Chain Deposits

Learn how to perform cross-chain deposits into Vertex from 8 supported non-Arbitrum chains using a native integration of Axelar's Squid Router on the Vertex app.
In this tutorial, we'll walk through the steps to make a cross-chain deposit into Vertex.
Cross-chain deposits simplify the burdensome process of bridging and managing assets on multiple chains. With cross-chain deposits, users can bridge & deposit assets form over 8 chains directly into Vertex without ever leaving the app and within minutes.
Cross-chain deposits are powered by Axelar + Squid Cross-chain. To learn more please refer to the blog post on the topic here.

Step 1. Initiate the cross-chain deposit.

Click on the Cross-Chain Deposit button in:
→ The sidebar.
→ Bottom of of the regular deposit pop-up.
The cross-chain pop-up will open.

Step 2. Select the source chain.

Select the chain you want to originally bridge from → Vertex.
→ Click on Select.
→ Choose the source chain from the list.

Step 3. Switch to source network.

To proceed with the transaction, your wallet will need to be connected to the source chain’s network.
→ Press the main button which will say Switch to Network.
→ Sign the network switch in your wallet once prompted.

Step 4. Select the asset to swap (Asset #1).

You will sell this asset on the source chain to receive the next step’s asset.
→ Click on the drop-down menu.
→ Select the asset.
→ Use the
search function for quick navigation.

Step 5. Select the asset to receive and deposit into Vertex (Asset #2).

This is the asset that you will receive in your Vertex trading account.
→ Click on the drop-down menu.
→ Select from the list of Vertex-supported assets to deposit.

Step 6. Enter the amount.

You can only enter the amount of Asset #1
→ Click on the input.
→ Enter how much you want to sell / bridge.
→ Or use the % shortcut buttons.
After entering the amount of Asset #1, you will see the Est. amount of Asset #2 you will receive.
You can also review the summary:
  • Cross-chain swap details.
  • Estimated time.
  • Estimated gas.
  • Estimated fee.
  • Changes to account.

Step 7. Sign the transaction.

To complete the Cross-Chain Deposit
→ Press on Cross-Chain Deposit.
→ Sign the transaction in your wallet.
Please note: you may need to approve the asset before signing the transaction. Approvals are required for new assets and increasing max amounts.
After successfully signing the transaction, you will receive a notification.

Cross-Chain Deposit Finished