App Navigation & Features

Learn about the crucial elements of the Vertex UI for trading and managing your portfolio.
In this quick tutorial, we cover how to navigate the Vertex App, and some of its features, including:
  1. 1.
    App Navigation
  2. 2.
    Control Centre
  3. 3.
    Account Pins
  4. 4.
    Trading Console Settings

1. Navigating & Using Vertex

Navigating Vertex and its features is easy.
💻 Desktop → Use the top navigation bar.
📱 Mobile → Use the hamburger menu (top left).

Key Pages:

  • Portfolio – Monitor and manage your account. Portfolio sub-pages each focus on one area of user accounts:
    • Overview – Covers account value and health information, which offers a quick glance at open positions, assets, and borrows.
    • Perp Positions – View and manage open perp positions.
    • Balances – View and manage all assets and borrows.
    • Open Orders – View and manage all open orders.
    • History – View deposit, withdrawal, trade, liquidation, and settlement history.
  • Spot – Trade spot assets.
  • Perpetuals – Trade perpetual contracts.
  • More – Drop down of additional resources.

2. Control Center

Vertex delivers a best-in-class UX. From anywhere on the app, there is access to the Vertex Control Centre:
  • Manage wallet connection and copy address.
  • Perform quick actions like Deposit and Withdraw.
  • Access portfolio management pop-ups like repay and borrow.
  • Links to tutorials and updates.

Opening Control Center

💻 Desktop → Click on your wallet. If the control center is closed, it will say Manage. If opened, it will say Hide.
📱 Mobile → Click on your wallet drop-down (top right).

Future Control Center Features

The Vertex Control Center is designed to make account management easy, removing the need to change pages mid-trade. Eventually Control Center will also support features such as:
  • Fiat on-ramp
  • Bridges
  • Deposit from exchange
  • Convert/swap (quick spot trade)

3. Account Pins

As well as managing accounts from anywhere in the app, Vertex also enables traders to monitor account performance at all times.
Account Pins allow users to pin 📌 up to 4 Account Metrics in the top nav bar (Up to 3 Account Pinson mobile). Available pins:
  • Account Value
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Open Positions PnL
  • Available Funds
  • $’s until Liquidation
  • Margin Usage
  • Leverage

How to Pin – Desktop:

  • Press on the Account drop-down to the left of the wallet/control center.
  • Select the info to pin.
  • Close.

How to Pin – Mobile:

  • Press the hamburger menu (top left).
  • Account pins are at the bottom.
  • Select the information to pin.
  • Close.

4. Trading Console Customization

Do you prefer to trade on the left or right? Well, on Vertex, you can do both! To switch the placement of the trading console simply:
  1. 1.
    Open Settings:
💻 Press on the Settings/Gear icon (top right).
📱 Press on the wallet drop-down (top right). Click on the Settings/Gear icon on the left of the expanded wallet display.
  1. 2.
    Decide what side of the screen you want to trade.
The first part of the video below provides an illustration.
Create the trading experience you've always wanted with a customizable trading console.