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Open-Source Contracts & Code Audit

View the open-source Vertex contracts & the full code audit report from OtterSec's security team.
Vertex's open-source contracts can be found in the GitHub repo below:
The GitHub repo is also hosted on Hacken for bug bounties.
Vertex completed an exhaustive code audit of its contracts by the team at OtterSec.
OtterSec is composed of independent security researchers with a proven and reputable track record in both Web3 and traditional security. OtterSec's audits help secure their clients' applications and protocols across bespoke demands -- securing billions of USD both on and off-chain.
Vertex plans to continue collaborating with the OtterSec team on distinct security elements of the protocol on an ongoing basis. For more details on OtterSec, please refer to their socials below:
You can find OtterSec's full audit report on Vertex in the PDF file below.

Official VRTX Token Contract Addresses