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Maintenance Windows & Status

View the schedule and information on Vertex maintenance windows for technical updates and optimizations.


The Vertex app incorporates two prescribed and publicly disclosed Maintenance Windows twice weekly. Maintenance Windows occur at consistent times each week, with the schedule and further context detailed in the section below.
The timing of the Maintenance Windows is fixed, and any changes to the prescribed schedule below will be disclosed and accounted for in the documentation section here.
Maintenance Windows are utilized for pushing technical updates to the mainnet Vertex app on Arbitrum that are required to implement relevant updates, including new feature releases, product enhancements, UX/UI improvements, and other technical optimizations.
Users should expect limited functionality on the Vertex app for up to 10 minutes once a Maintenance Window commences, similar to other exchanges – including major CEXs and DEXs. Please note that more significant updates may occasionally cause limited app functionality for longer than the typical 10 minutes. If that is the expected case, we will notify users on the Official Vertex Discord Product-Updates channel approximately 1 hour beforehand.
Maintenance Windows are scheduled to occur during the least active periods of market activity. Users are advised to manage their risk appropriately per the prescribed Maintenance Windows schedule and be mindful of upcoming windows when trading.
User assets are safe and never at risk during a Maintenance Window.
Automated Traders – Please account for the pre-defined Maintenance Windows when connecting to the Vertex API/SDK. Your connection to the API/SDK may experience downtime for up to 10 minutes during a utilized Maintenance Window.
Please note that not every Maintenance Windows is utilized. A Status Bar on the Vertex app will automatically indicate upcoming Maintenance Windows on the app interface.

Status Bar & Page – Vertex App

The Vertex app contains a “Status Bar” indicator at the bottom right corner of the user interface.
There are two separate states for the Status Bar:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Operational = Vertex Protocol is functioning normally. All systems are online.
Maintenance = If an upcoming Maintenance Window is slated to be utilized, the Status Bar will convert from “Operational” to display “Maintenance,” signifying the update during that Maintenance Window is underway. Please be aware that you may experience limited app functionality during this period, which may last up to 10 minutes.
Bottom-Left Status Bar on the Vertex App Interface
Once a utilized Maintenance Window deployment is complete, the Status Bar will immediately revert to the “Operational” state, and all Vertex systems will be online again.

Uptime & Maintenance Logs

Users can also refer to the “Status” page under the “More” drop-down at the top left of the Vertex app navigation bar to view real-time information about the state of Vertex systems.
Status Page =
Status Page on the Vertex App
Real-time information on this page includes:
Application Status:
  • Current Application Status
  • Historical Application Uptime
API Status:
  • Current API Status
  • Historical API Uptime
Scheduled Maintenance:
Relevant details for any scheduled and upcoming Maintenance Windows slated to be utilized.
Upcoming Maintenance Log Display
Previous Incident Reports:
Any potential incidents reported previously – filtered and categorized monthly since the mainnet launch of Vertex on Arbitrum.
Previous Incident Reports

Maintenance Window Schedule & Timing

The pre-defined and public Maintenance Window schedule expressed in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) is displayed below. These times are fixed, and updates will be provided accordingly beforehand if they are subject to change.
Please note that users should expect limited functionality on the Vertex app for up to 10 minutes beginning at the precise times outlined below.

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

  • (Weekly) Maintenance Window #1
    • Sundays @ 02:00 AM
  • (Weekly) Maintenance Window #2
    • Thursdays @ 02:00 AM

Global Timezone Equivalents

The equivalent UTC times expressed in major global timezones for each Maintenance Window (#1 and #2) are defined below.
Maintenance Window #1 (Weekly)
Hong Kong Time (HKT) = Sundays @ 10:00 AM
GMT+4 (Dubai) = Sundays @ 06:00 AM
British Summer Time (BST) = Sundays @ 03:00 AM
Japan Standard Time (JST)= Sundays @ 11:00 AM
India Standard Time (IST) = Sundays @ 07:30 AM
Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST) = Sundays @ 12:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time (EST)= Saturdays @ 10:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time (PST) = Saturdays @ 07:00 PM
Maintenance Window #2 (Weekly)
Hong Kong Time (HKT) = Thursdays @ 10:00 AM
GMT+4 (Dubai) = Thursdays @ 06:00 AM
British Summer Time (BST) = Thursdays @ 03:00 AM
Japan Standard Time (JST) = Thursdays @ 11:00 AM
India Standard Time (IST) = Thursdays @ 07:30 AM
Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST) = Thursdays @ 12:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) = Wednesdays @ 10:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time (PST) = Wednesdays @ 07:00 PM
If you have any questions about Maintenance Windows, please inquire with an admin on the Official Vertex Discord.
If you are an automated trader connected to the Vertex API/SDK and would like to contact the Vertex team regarding Maintenance Windows, please submit a support ticket on the official Vertex Discord. The team will respond to your support ticket promptly.
Official Vertex Discord =