A vertically-integrated DEX on Arbitrum featuring spot, perpetual, and integrated money markets. Universal cross-margin with lightning-fast performance. Take back control.
Better than your favorite CEX.
Vertex is a cross-margined decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol offering spot, perpetuals, and an integrated money market bundled into one vertically integrated application on Arbitrum.
Vertex is powered by a hybrid unified central limit order book (CLOB) and integrated automated market maker (AMM), whose liquidity is augmented as positions from pairwise LP markets populate the orderbook. Gas fees and MEV are minimized on Vertex due to the batched transaction and optimistic rollup model of the underlying Arbitrum layer two (L2), where Vertex’s smart contracts control the risk engine and core products.
Vertex is non-custodial, meaning users always retain control over their assets on-chain.
Vertex boasts extremely low-latency trading and effective liquidity utilization across a broader range of DeFi assets as a byproduct of its hybrid orderbook-AMM design. The off-chain sequencer architecture also helps to minimize the Miner Extractable Value (MEV) characteristic of Ethereum L1 while enabling lightning-fast trading.
The integrated AMM is located on-chain – housed within the protocol layer. The on-chain AMM functions as the default state of the protocol controlled at the smart contract level, known as “Slo-Mo Mode.”
Vertex’s orderbook (the “sequencer”) operates as an off-chain node layered on top of the smart contracts and contained within the Arbitrum protocol layer. The orderbook matches inbound orders with execution speeds between 10 - 30 milliseconds, competitive with most centralized exchanges (CEXs).
The pooled liquidity of the AMM sits alongside the bids and asks on the Vertex orderbook, effectively another market maker contributing to liquidity via smart contracts rather than API.
The AMM liquidity is combined with liquidity from automated traders via the sequencer, and users trade against this unified source of liquidity.
Vertex provides robust, scalable infrastructure for HFTs and automated traders via the Vertex API and SDK. Low-value, extraneous transactions are excluded, enabling Vertex to optimize gas efficiency and translate across EVM-compatible chains.
Trading accounts on Vertex are universally cross-margined by default.
A user’s portfolio (i.e., multiple open positions’ liability) is shared across a single trading account to offset the margin between open positions. Calculations of portfolio health are performed automatically, and available capital is deployed to manage the margin requirements of open positions across the three primary products:
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  2. 2.
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    Money Markets
Capital efficiency is maximized as universally margined trading accounts enable:
  • Reduced initial margin requirements.
  • Improved risk-reward optimization.
  • Better risk management.
On Vertex, your portfolio is your margin.
With single, universal trading accounts, traders can deploy complex strategies (e.g., basis trades) requiring multiple open positions with simplicity and lower margin requirements.
The capital flexibility constraints of competing isolated margin models are eschewed in favor of flexible liquidity expression afforded by the optimized risk-reward ratios when trading with universally cross-margined accounts.
Managing cross-margined portfolios on Vertex is simple.
A streamlined, customizable trading interface is designed to appeal to traders familiar with the popular CEX trading interfaces. The portfolio page provides a comprehensive picture of a user’s portfolio with key indicators designed to minimize the overhead of managing multiple open positions.
Vertex provides a powerful, streamlined trading experience for DeFi.
Maximizing the benefits of a hybrid central-limit orderbook (CLOB) and integrated AMM on a scalable L2 Arbitrum, Vertex offers users a frictionless and decentralized trading experience, replacing the need for CEXs and handing control back to the user.
  • Trade Spot & Perpetuals – Buy and sell your favorite assets. Trade spot on margin or utilize leverage on perpetuals to amplify exposure or hedge risk.
  • Universal Cross-Margin - Take advantage of portfolio margining. Manage one universal margin account comprising all of your balances and positions to maximize capital efficiency — no more switching between accounts.
  • Lightning-Fast Speed – Vertex is as fast as your favorite CEX with order-matching latency of 10 - 30 milliseconds. Execute trades seamlessly.
  • Earn & Borrow - Vertex’s integrated money market lets you earn a yield on deposits automatically. Borrow assets against your margin with multiple collateral types.
  • Self-Custody – Vertex is non-custodial. Only you have control over your assets. Take back control from CEXs.
  • Intuitive & Streamlined App - Tap into a sophisticated yet simple UI. Integrated on/off-ramps and bridging, so you don’t need to leave the app.
  • Pools - Vertex’s hybrid orderbook + AMM design enables users to provide spot or perpetual liquidity to earn fees and $VRTX.
The combination of Vertex’s lightning-fast performance, efficient liquidity utilization, and diversified product suite begets a trading experience competitive with leading centralized exchanges. Vertex simultaneously preserves the advantages of self-custody, transparency, and autonomy native to DeFi, leading to an unparalleled, user-friendly DEX experience.
No more sacrificing control for performance and features. Self-custody like a DEX, trade like a CEX.
Welcome to Vertex.