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The $VRTX rewards program is designed to acknowledge long-term users. Rewards will be distributed during 2 phases around token generation:
  • Initial Token Phase - 9% of supply - 24 weeks from April to October 2023
  • Ongoing Emissions Phase - 37% of supply - October 2023 onwards
$VRTX holders will participate in governance and share in the protocol’s revenue. To learn more, please visit tokenomics.

Initial Token Phase

The shorter of the two reward phases, the Initial Token Phase will take place over six 4-week epochs starting at mainnet launch. Primary objectives are to reward new users, maintain deep liquidity on Vertex, and build a community that shares in protocol growth.


9.0% of the total $VRTX supply is allocated to this phase with rewards claimable at the end of six 4-week epochs.
  • Epochs = 6
  • 1 Epoch = 28 days
  • Total $VRTX allocated = 90,000,000 (9% of total $VRTX supply)
  • Taker/Maker split = 50/50
Rewards are split between two different trader classes:
  • Takers - 45m $VRTX Tokens - These are the vast majority of regular traders who pay fees for trading on Vertex. Rewards to these traders are distributed proportionally according to the fees they pay.
  • Makers - 45m $VRTX Tokens - To be eligible for maker rewards traders must meet the requirements set out in the Market Making Programme.These are traders who provide liquidity to the exchange and typically trade electronically to help support trading by updating prices on a 24/7 basis.

Ongoing Emissions Phase

The ongoing emissions phase (37% of supply) will commence in October 2023 with more details provided here.
More Fees Paid = More Tokens Earned
Trade & Earn on Vertex