Familiarize yourself with the below ahead of the LBA.

1. Where is the VRTX supplied to the LBA coming from?

The VRTX trading rewards, which early Vertex users earned during epochs 1 → 7 of the Trade & Earn program. These VRTX tokens are eligible to pre-claim and supply to the LBA.

2. What does pre-claiming VRTX mean?

Claiming your pending VRTX trading rewards and supplying them to the LBA is called “pre-claiming” because it occurs before the liquid claiming of VRTX rewards during the official token launch on November 20th.
Pre-claiming could also be considered “pledging” your rewards since they will be locked and vested per the schedule above.

3. What are the benefits of pre-claiming?

Community participation in the LBA is incentivized with:
  • Build an LBA position (i.e., LP) with the trading rewards you already earned during epochs 1 → 7.
  • LBA positions earn dual rewards (pool fees + VRTX incentives).

4. You can pre-claim a portion of your rewards.

You will have the ability to pre-claim a portion of the VRTX rewards you earned and supply them to the LBA – meaning you don’t have to pre-claim 100% of your tokens, and the remaining rewards can be immediately claimed after the LBA without a lock-up and vesting period.

5. Pre-claimed VRTX rewards cannot be withdrawn.

You cannot withdraw the VRTX you have pre-claimed and supplied to the LBA. It will be locked into the LBA position and vest accordingly.

6. USDC.e supplying/withdrawing is done via your wallet.

If you plan to supply USDC.e to the LBA, please note that it is performed directly from your wallet and NOT your Vertex account balance.
The same goes for withdrawing USDC.e. If you withdraw USDC.e from the LBA it will appear in your wallet.

7. You can supply & withdraw USDC.e freely during Days 1 → 5.

There are no restrictions on USDC.e withdrawals during the contribution period. You can withdraw as many times as you’d like in whatever amounts you prefer.

8. Starting on Day 6, you can only make ONE more USDC.e withdrawal.

If you complete a USDC.e withdrawal anytime during Days 6 → 7, then you can’t make any more USDC.e withdrawals.
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