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Share your link and earn. More $VRTX for you. More $VRTX for your network.


Referrals are designed to align incentives of both referral and referrer, by rewarding new referrals with a bonus percentage on earnings and referrers with a percentage of their trading rewards.
Share a referral link to onboard new users to Vertex. All new sign-ups through a referral link who deposit to the Vertex app will be classed as a referral.
Referrals Page


When a referral makes a fee paying trade they will earn a boost to VRTX rewards, while the referrer will receive a percentage of their VRTX trading rewards earned during the epoch.
  • Referrals get: 10% rewards boost.
  • Referrers get: 10% of referrals trading rewards.
Every fee paying trade = earning VRTX.
The more your referral trades, the more VRTX you earn.
For Example:
  • Joe refers Sally with his referral link.
  • Sally earns 110 VRTX at the end of the Reward Epoch (without the referral link Sally would have earned 100 VRTX)
  • Joe earns 11 VRTX from his referral.
Rewards are calculated and displayed on the referral page at the end of each epoch, please refer to the epoch countdown timer for the exact timing of epochs.
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    Copy or Share Referral link.
  • Once deposited, copy or Share Referral link.
To access a Referral Link you MUST deposit onto the app.