Everest Ambassador Program

Climb the ranks of Everest by contributing to the Vertex ecosystem.
Climb the ranks of Everest with quests and tasks on Crew3.xyz
Today's market structure contains competing interests. The crypto narrative has remained unchanged, but the majority settle for less by surrendering power to the few.
Centralized exchanges (CEXs) have held the market majority for too long, despite facing numerous problems, including frozen assets, opaque liquidation mechanisms, and custody of users' funds. CEXs continue to dominate crypto market liquidity, but DeFi should solve these problems, not perpetuate them.
At Vertex, we believe that decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are better.
Vertex solves the litany of problems facing CEXs by pairing the convenience of CEXs with the explicit advantages of DeFi. It integrates popular features into one DEX designed to make decentralized trading easy, efficient, and powerful for all users. To achieve this, we need you.
There are many ways you can contribute to this mission, such as becoming a content creator, influencer, early adopter, community builder, or educator. Together, we can bring about a turning point in DeFi.
We are looking for Ambassadors who can take initiative and become an integral part of the Vertex community. The more impact your work brings to the community, the more involvement you have in revolutionizing DeFi.
Every month, we will accept applications for a new cohort consisting of 8 - 12 ambassadors. Please note that the time scale of cohorts may change. Ambassadors will ascend Everest by earning points and traversing the ranks to earn new benefits and rewards.
If you’re interested in becoming a Vertex Ambassador, you can apply at the link below, which will be updated continually to reflect each new cohort of applications: