Perpetual & Spot Market Specifications

Asset specifications for perpetual markets on Vertex.
Below you can find a table of the different perpetual market specifications and their risk parameters on Vertex, including their definitions.
Spot & Perpetual Market Specifications
PriceIncrement = The minimum tick size associated with a given market.
MinSize = The minimum trading notional for a given market.
SizeIncrement = The minimum incremental trading notional for a given market.
lpSpread = The bid/offer associated with the LP – typically characterized as the trading fee for an LP on other non-orderbook exchanges.
Initial & Maintenance Health (Margin) = Health is the amount of capital (quoted in $USD) your account has to trade with before it can be liquidated. You can think of Health as your Margin, and you have 2 different kinds:
  • Initial
  • Maintenance
Your Health is determined by giving each balance and position a Weighted Value. There are two types of weights:
  • Initial
  • Maintenance
The weights are set so that initial health is always less than maintenance health.
For more details on weighting, please refer to the section on health calculations. Once all of your Initial Health is depleted, your account goes into Maintenance Mode, which means no more risk can be taken.
The remaining Maintenance Health acts as a buffer for the user to de-risk before risking liquidation. Once all of the Maintenance Health is used, your account can be liquidated.
For more details, please refer to the Glossary section.