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One-Click Trading

Sign once and unleash the full performance of Vertex with near-instant trade execution. Welcome to one-click trading (1CT).

One-Click Trading Overview

1CT enables users to sign one approval transaction at the start of a session and then perform any action within Vertex without needing subsequent approvals.
This experience will be similar to that of CEXs, where users can log-in (sign approval transaction) and start trading without needing to sign for every trade they place.
Without 1CT, users must sign multiple transactions when modifying an order or position with linked triggers. With 1CT, the process is automated – delivering the trading experience more akin to a CEX while retaining self-custody.
The release of 1CT also unlocks linked trigger orders, such as stop loss and take profit order types on Vertex. It further provides better composability for Vertex and other protocols by adding the LinkedSigner transaction type.

Enabling One-Click Trading

1CT works by creating a secure private key that is utilized to sign on a user’s behalf for actions within the Vertex app. The key is only for authorizing actions within Vertex and cannot approve any external actions from the Vertex app.
The private key is never transmitted over the internet and is safely stored within your browser's local storage. For example, if you clear your browser cache and storage, you’ll need to restart the 1CT enabling process from the beginning.
When you first enable 1CT it will require two signatures:
  • 1 to create a secure private key.
  • 1 to approve this private key.
If 1CT mode is enabled, then at the start of every trading session the user must confirm ownership by signing an approval transaction.

Remember Me Option

Users will also have the option to toggle the “Remember Me” button ON or OFF.
  • ON = A trading session ends if you manually disconnect. Reconnecting requires signing a 1CT approval transaction.
  • OFF = Every time you refresh or close the app, users must sign a 1CT approval transaction.

Disabling One-Click Trading

The feature is opt-in, meaning the default manual signing mode can be utilized for every transaction and action within Vertex, which is always available for users.

Switching Modes

Users are NOT locked into any of the two available modes after opting in for one or the other. Users can always switch back to Sign-Every-Transaction mode via their settings or when a new trading session begins.
However, enabling 1CT is limited to 5 times per week to safeguard against malicious denial of service attacks. The minimum requirement for turning on 1CT is at least 5 USDC of account value too.